Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Long Time, No Post

So, a ton has changed since my last post. Like adopted a kid, had a kid, moved and bought the dreaded Dodge Caravan. While John and I are finally in the same state and even under the same roof life is from easy but it certainly is good. 

We moved to Georgia and I LOVE it, like you'll have to drag my dead body out of this state love it. John, meh, not so much. Wendolyn is loving riding the bus and going to school and living down the street for all her friends. (Even if the lady down the street thinks I'm are a "stuck up, snotty snob") Penelope, (yay! for completing the adoption) really doesn't know any different other than the fact she no longer goes to "school". Lastly, Victoria, our little victory. After years and years, 7 but whose counting, we finally got pregnant. Well, my uterus got pregnant. She was such a surprise! After wondering for years what I would look like pregnant I finally found out. And it looks like this...
And yes, I am eating in this picture. 

And now I drive this...
Be jealous. My carriage turned into a pumpkin. From now on you can call me Cinderella. Wendolyn was obviously super stoked about it. 

And now I live here...
Wendolyn has a nice booty photo bomb here. One day when everything in the house is complete I'll show pictures of the inside. 

I have made some super awesome amazing friends but I still miss my Missouri friends (Jodi, Angela this one is for you). The direction of this blog may change and it may not. I am a woman so I cannot make up my mind. I can tell you that I am super stoked to getting back to blogging and crossmyhearthopetodiestickaneedleinmyeye will post weekly. Unless I don't then.....sorry.

I'm not naked, its a strapless dress. Pedi with the girls. Stay classy ladies.

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