Saturday, February 5, 2011

Don't Forget to Brush Your Face!

Alright domestic divas, who wants a facial for free? Over the summer of 2009 I was getting facials every other week trying to control my acne. I have more acne now then I ever did as a teenager. It's very annoying and disheartening. It's bad enough that I am 27 and could pass for a sophomore in high school; I don't need the pimples for affect. Every time I had my facial, the lady kept tell me that I really should by a Clarisonic. Which she used everytime I went and saw her. It is basically a electric face scrubber. It was a little larger then an electric razor. To be honest, I didn't really like it when she used it. She would go over my nose and I would cringe. My eyes watered, all I could think about was how bad I wanted to sneeze. It was borderline painful. Not to mention this was over 200 bucks at the time.

I never noticed such a dramatic effect that I was in my "omg, omg I have to have it" mode. Really all I thought about with it was how much space it would take up and that I had no where to charge it at. Months go on and I just lived with my breakouts and would randomly try something new. Mostly if a bottle reached out to me from a shelf. I admit it, I go for packaging. Some products helped, most ended up being pitched when I purged my bathroom. Then, I found something on YouTube that changed everything.

I don't know if you watch a lot on YouTube but I am into the hair and make up tutorials and the haul videos and that kind of thing. This one video I ran up on was about exfoliating your face. I clicked on it and watched. She made her own paste and then applied it with, you'll never guess, an electric toothbrush. I'm serious. It was basically a small Clarisonic. I was so mad that I never thought of this before. This girl is a genius. I happen to have an Oral B toothbrush that I never use. The head of the toothbrush just seems too big and my teeth never really felt any cleaner than my manual toothbrush. I grabbed my Clean and Clear blackhead scrub (which I absolutely love as is) and my Oral B. I lightly wet my face with luke warm water and rubbed the scrub all over. Then I took my toothbrush and started on my nose and worked my way out. It was kinda painful. The bristles were so hard! Then I remembered I didn't wet the toothbrush. So, I wet the bristles and then started again. It was so much better. Anytime it felt like it was getting too rough I would wet the brush. I spent 3 minutes on my entire face. I rinsed the scrub off and my face had good even hyperemia, that's a fancy word for the blood that comes to the ssurface when you exfoliate or get slapped. I could automatically see a difference on my face. My nose was so smooth and the pores were visibly smaller. A-mazing.

If you have an electric toothbrush like I did but you use it for brushing your teeth, go out and buy a replacement head that you can use for your face. And if you can get it in a soft bristle get that one. I am telling you, do this once a week and within a month you will see dramatic results. I did anyway and I totally recommend you try it. You will have that "glow" to your skin that no product can do alone.

So spend the 195 bucks on a Clarisonic or 25 on an Oral B or any other electric toothbrush and get your goddess on! If you have a great homemade facial or bath product that you would like to share, leave it in the comments. I LOVE trying these recipes out. Remember you are beautiful person!

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